AWW is a significant producer of agricultural goods however the company’s processing needs are far greater. Therefore, we regularly purchase the components from smaller producers. Our carefully selected partners guarantee the supply of raw materials produced preserving the highest standards

We encourage agricultural producers to contact us to sell the produced crops depending n the seasonality of crops 



tel: +48 62 760 34 13


We also dispose the waste to be processed in the R3 process with following codes:

  • 02 03 80 agasse/biomass, sediments and other waste (excluding 02 03 81)
  • 02 03 04  Materials and products unfit for consumption and processing
  • 02 03 99 other wastes not mentioned from preparation, processing of food products and drugs of plant origin including waste from fruit, vegetable, cereal products, cooking oil, cocoa, coffee, tea (including the chocolate products)
  • 02 06 01 raw materials and products unfit for consumption and processing
  • 16 03 80 food products expired or unfit for consumption