DDG - dried distillers grain is used as feed material a component of compound feed used to feed livestock. DDG is defined as the product obtained after removal of ethyl alcohol or bioethanol, by distillation from yeast fermentation of a grain by separating the resultant coarse grain fraction of the whole stillage end drying. DDG produced in Zbiersk has as high quality as the primal material – grains cultivated in the fields that belong t the AWW Group. Therefore, the product contains large quantities of protein and minerals that constitute the nutritional value.

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AWW farm

The main ingredient in the spirit production of our company are grains cultivated on our farms. The care for quality of crops, typical for the Wielkopolska region is a guarantee for the final quality of the products..

In our laboratories we constantly search new products and new business areas. AWW Group specialists, supported by the newest technologies, work on new portfolio opportunities to fully match the emerging challenges.

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